Services & Empowerment Programmes

With a focus on female emotional empowerment and holistic wellness, all work is based on the Qur’an and Sunnah to ensure a strong foundation in our personal development and progress.

1. Courses and Workshops

A) Pearls of Inspiration Mentorship  Program

An amazing self-reformation and personal development program to become a better version of oneself.

Addressing and discussing the common challenges we face as women. Sharing pearls of wisdom, positivity and hope, with effective strategies to deal with these unpredictable factors.

How to use the Qur’an as our inspiration together with the conviction of the power of Duáa to help us through difficult situations and days, whilst upholding and fulfilling our responsibilities to the best of our abilities and also taking care of our emotional and mental health together with our physical and social well-being.

An amazing course that has changed the lives of attendees for the better, Alhumdulillaah.

B) Holistic Teacher Training and Mentorship Program

Empowering educators to be lasting impressions and a means of inspiration to the next generation.

Addressing and discussing key factors to Purposeful Teaching with a focus on teacher development, the psychology of teaching, interpersonal communication and relationships as a member of a team and a leader in the field of teaching. Sharing techniques and methodology of Qur’an teaching, oral and curriculum content as well.

C) Hifdhul Qurân Mentorship and Support Program

To be amongst the Ahlul Qur’an- The family of Allah SWT,  is an encouraging factor to patiently strive in memorizing the Qur’an Kareem. One step at a time inshaAllah

For female Hifdhul Qurân students, mothers and teachers.
A support structure for those in this blessed journey of preserving and propagating the Word Of Allah SWT.
Monthly reminders to offer support and encouragement and a platform to seek assistance or advice.
To be updated on the next meeting (onsite/online) please get in touch.

D) Banaatul Ummah

Pre-teen and Teen Self Development Program with the focus on spirituality amidst a balanced and healthy lifestyle to bloom into a scented being.


E) Emotional Empowerment and/or Parenting for Single Moms

A support structure for women (and their children) to accept and heal from their situation.

Divorce or the loss of a husband, may have a devastating impact in the lives of many mothers and sisters and in their relationship with their children. Empowering a woman in these circumstances means that a home will have a stronger foundation to deal with the challenges of this situation.
Group or 1:1, onsite or online options are available.

F) Parenting Pearls

Working towards raising empowered and religiously conscious children.

A parenting program to assist mothers in raising their children with ease in this ever-demanding era of technological advancement. Addressing and sharing suggestive parenting strategies and solutions for this time.

2. Counselling and Coaching.

A safe-space to understand yourself and the circumstances and how best to move ahead from it.

A non-judgmental environment to express yourself as honestly as possible and to explore ways in which you may heal from negative situations, pain or trauma and to actively apply the tools and skills shared to deal with your day-to-day struggles as a strong-willed and level-headed beautiful soul.

3. Educational consulting on homeschooling

Education is the key to all avenues of life.

Personal 1:1 consultation with regards to schooling options in relation to a child’s learning issues or problems, or choosing homeschooling for personal reasons.

4. E-courses