Empowerment Programmes

Pearls of Supplication Book Launch

Addressing common issues; dealing with challenges and tests, sadness, grief, worry, depression and negative thoughts and how to use the Qur’an as our inspiration together with the conviction of the power of Du’aa to help us through difficult days.

Emotional Empowerment and Parenting for Divorced Muslimahs
-Founded on the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Divorce may, at times, have a devastating impact in the lives of many of our sisters. Empowering a woman means that the home will have a stronger foundation to deal with the other challenges divorce may bring along, especially in the lives of her innocent children.

Teacher Training and Methodology for:
-Qur’an (Naazarah)
-Hifdhul Qur’an
-Maktab Subjects

Empowering educators to be lasting impressions and a means of inspiration to the next generation.

Addressing parenting challenges of this demanding digital era and sharing suggestive strategies and solutions to assist mothers in raising empowered and religiously conscious children.

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